David Jones takes alarmism to new levels.

CO2 causes lots of thing, here is a sample of the thoughts of a man who is the governments propaganda machine spokesman.

This was 3 years ago, just before the climate bent him over and tore him a new one.

“I’ll share with you what I now tell sceptics trying to influence the public’s opinion – your time and efforts are wasted. We are now committed to a large global warming (probably in excess of 1C) and substantial sea level rise – indeed given the inertia with our energy systems its hard to see us avoiding 2-4C.

We are moving into the age of consequences where we reap what we have sown and pay for listening to the faux sceptic science.

Our last century of emissions are now so influencing our climate that you can clearly see it in the dramatic upswing in heatwaves, droughts, floods, fires, storm surges world wide. These are all increasing rapidly and no where faster that the subtropics (ie places like southern Australia). It is not longer about what scientists say – it is about what people feel – and with each record breaking heatwave the public view harden.

You can clearly see this in opinion polls – droughts, heatwaves, fires all highten public concern. As these pass the public because a little less concerned, but climate change is a series of ratchets. Just when you think you have seen the craziest thing the climate system can throw at you another will come..”

David Jones, wed Nov 11, 2009.

So Carbon dioxide emissions are causing all these things?? Yet all of them are decreasing worldwide, and temperatures are not rising. They are falling.

How can someone say these things when he is the head of the National Climate Centre, and not be held accountable?

We have now had 5 out of the last 6 years with a La Nina, after being told that El Nino was going to become some sort of permanent feature?

Droughts are decreasing, hurricanes are decreasing, heatwaves are decreasing, storm surges are decreasing, temperatures are falling.

On any measure all of that tripe is incorrect, and the trend is clear.

Its doing exactly the opposite of the forecast of these alarmists. Ultimately, it wont be the sceptics highlighting all this that brings them undone, it will be the climate itself.

Just 3 months ago he also predicted an El nino and record temperatures next year. This clearly won’t happen, though Hansen will do his best to adjust the figures to make it look like its warming.

This is the reality right here, its a total embarrassment for someone qualified in his field to be so wrong.

Temperatures falling so badly, the are under the lowest estimates of climate models, which assumes we are still at 1990 level of CO2 emissions.





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