Its been 7 days and 16 years….

No…it’s not a Sinead O’Connor song.

It’s the time that the planet hasnt warmed. At the same time, as i have said repeatedly, CO2 emissions have exploded into space, literally.

The output has exceeded all modellers forecasts, yet temperatures are still not going up.

First we heard that 10 years wasnt enough, it’s just noise. Then 12 years, still not enough.

Then NOAA decided that 15 years was probably long enough and admitted that they were fudging the data to keep the dream alive.

Now that its been 16 years, there are lots of scientists on record saying this amount of time now proves that climate models have got this all wrong.

This, from Kevin “travesty” Trenberth:

Kevin Trenberth:

The hiatus [in warming] was not unexpected. Variability in the climate can suppress rising temperatures temporarily, though before this decade scientists were uncertain how long such pauses could last. In any case, one decade is not long enough to say anything about human effects on climate; as one forthcoming paper lays out, 17 years is required.

Well Kevin, 17 years is just around the corner, so no wonder you are not on the IPCC panel to finalize what goes in the AR5.

12 years was ok, now its been 16 and they are starting to panic.

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