The Emperor is naked.

There he stands, with no clothes on. The climate has decided that enough is enough, the scam was good whilst it lasted.

But the climate models expected a warming of around 0.2C degree increase last decade.

Of course, the climate went one further, and decided not warm for the last 16 years.

Now alarmists are all fighting with each other about why this is occurring.

Or more specifically, how can science get this so spectacularly wrong.

The answer is easy, CO2 makes up a miniscule portion of the atmosphere, 0.04% in fact.

Seen clearly here, 99.7% of greenhouse gases are naturally occurring, mostly water vapour.

The theory is clearly flawed, and with no warming in 16 years its only going to get worse from here.

And we know its flawed because none of the model projections have come anywhere near reality.


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