New alarmism story for coastal communities in Melbourne.

New story in The Age this morning here.

WATERFRONT communities from Southbank to the Mornington Peninsula face a  damage bill of more than $1 billion  from severe storms and rising sea levels  over the next 90 years, according to a confidential climate change report.

The report, by federal, state and local governments, warns that parts of  Rosebud foreshore could be completely submerged by 2100 during coastal flooding,  while residents around Elwood’s canals face massive annual losses if government  and local councils fail to act.

Maps from the report show a large section of Point Nepean Road would be  regularly cut off during storms, while local residents and businesses would  encounter frequent floods resulting from climate change.

The research warns that riverfront properties at Southbank are at greatest  risk from flooding, with the annual cost of damage expected to increase from  about $3 million in 2011 to almost $20 million by 2100.

The annual cost of flooding in Elwood would rise from about $2.5 million in  2011 to $15 million by the end of the century, according to the report, which is  based on data from Melbourne Water.

Mordialloc would also experience a sharp increase in flood damage without  immediate government action.

Scary stuff.

I noticed The Aged never mentions that there has been no warming for 16 years. Funny about that.

And the climate change minister says he has scientific evidence in this report.

Well, where is it? Why are all these reports “virtually certain” that humans are influencing the climate, but have no evidence to prove it.

And the models used in the reports? Need I remind everyone of the superb job they have done in showing what global temperatures are doing?

Well look at that, going in the wrong direction!

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