Quick post about failed Global Warming predictions.

As we know there has been no warming for 16 years, despite soaring Co2 levels.

So i thought i would do a brief post about the failed predictions made by the AGW climate moron team.

Heres the list, have a look, It wont take long at all.

New Study Confirms Himalayan Glaciers Expanding – Opposite of IPCC Climate Model Predictions

Global Cooling Since 1997 – The IPCC Global Warming Prediction Due To CO2 Emissions Was Wrong, Spectacularly

Climate Doomsday-Religion Fanatics Predict Severe Winter Storms For U.S. East Coast – Oooops…Empirical Evidence Refutes That Prediction

Why Have Climate Model Predictions Of Global Temperatures  Been So Terrible?

Another Study Pours Water On Predicted Heavy Precipitiation Events Due To Climate Change

IPCC Predicted That Global Temps Would Rapidly Increase Due To Climate’s High Sensitivity To CO2 – Evidence Counters That Prediction

Prediction That Melting Greenland Will Soon Flood NYC Is Without Merit

Ocean Acidification Will Destroy The Oceans’ Plankton – Another Doomsday Prediction Proven Wrong

IPCC Climate Models Predicted Increase In Severe Weather Events – Not Happening

Predicted Higher Ocean Levels Has Not Happened For Islands In The Middle Of The Indian Ocean

Newest Climate Models To Be Used For IPCC 2013 Report Can’t Predict GlobalTemperatures – Same Old, Same Old

Rapidly Rising Sea Level Predictions All Wet

NASA / IPCC Climate Models: Latest Global Temperature Data Confirm Computer Simulations Lack Of Predictive Skill

IPCC’s Model Prediction Of Extreme Precipitation Events Found To Be Wrong

Why Climate Models Are Terrible At Predictions

For 27 Years NASA’s Climate Model Warming Predictions Wrong – Odds Are 1 In 134 Million of Being This Wrong For So Long

European severe weather lowest in 100 years, contrary to IPCC predictions

Peak Oil Prediction: Another Miseable Failure By The Consensus Experts

Severe Weather Increase Prediction Due To CO2 Emissions Proven To Be Severely Bogus

Severe Hurricane Incidents At Record Low, Opposite of IPCC Predictions

Global Sea Level Rise Not Expected To Exceed 7 Inches By 2100 AD-Contrary To Predictions

New Study Finds EPA & IPCC Climate Model Predictions Wrong About More Droughts For Southwest USA

Global Warming Predicted Hotspot Over Tropics Is Non-Existent Latest Data Confirm

Predicted Coastal Swamping Wrong: Melting Glaciers Have Tiny Impact On Sea Levels – Maybe 3.7 Inches By 2100

NZ Scientists Confirm Sea Level Rise Is Modest – 7 Inches By 2100, Not Feet As Predicted

EU Scientists Discover That Modern Severe Weather Events Are Happening Less, Not More As Predicted

Climate Model Failure By NASA – Huge Global Warming Prediction Errors Confirmed

NASA’s “Boiling Oceans” Prediction Not Supported By Any Climate Data – Is James Hansen Crazy?

Health Research Determines Global Warming Does Not Cause Illnesses As Predicted

Climate Models Unable To Replicate/Predict Actual AMO Variability In Greenland

Agriculture Research Debunks IPCC Prediction/Myth That Global Warming & CO2 Harm Crops

EU Scientists Confirm Sea Level Rise Not Unusual – IPCC Prediction Wrong

Scientists Find Himalaya Severe Rainfall Evidence ‘Baffling’ – Not According To Their Predictions

IPCC Models Unable Predict The Major ‘Siberian High’ Climatic Condition

Prediction Failure by IPCC’s Newest Climate Models – ‘Still Worthless After All These Years’

Is Global Warming Happening? IPCC Climate Models Predicted Huge Warming But Reality Happened Instead

Ocean Acidification Fears/Predictions Debunked: Cold Water Coral Proven To Acclimate & Prosper In Lower pH Environment

Computer Models’ Forecast of U.S. Winter Blows It Big Time – More Proof of Worthless Model Predictions

New Research Debunks “Accelerating” Sea Level Rise Predictions

New HadCRUT4 Temperature Dataset Confirms IPCC Climate Models Produce Worthless Predictions

The Global Warming Permafrost Tipping Point: Scientists Discover Permafrost Thawing Not Happening As Predicted

Climate Scientists Confirm That Actual Atmospheric Water Vapor Levels Invalidate Global Warming ‘Tipping Point’ Hypothesis – Prediction Failure

New Satellite Information Refutes Major IPCC Climate Prediction: AGW Scientists & Mainstream Press ‘Stunned’

IPCC’s Climate Models’ Positive Feedback Assumption Proven To Be Incorrect, Per The Actual Empirical Evidence vs. Predicted Outcome

Alarmist AGW Snowfall Prediction Wrong: Research Reveals Snowfall Not Impacted By Global Warming

Unequivocal & Irrefutable Empirical Research: No Increase In Hurricane Landfall – IPCC’s AGW Prediction Fails Test

Predicted Increase In Severe Windstorms From Global Warming Has Not Happened, New Research Shows

New Study: Predicted CO2 Emissions From Warming of Peat Regions Is Wrong – From Positive To Negative Feedback

Climate Model Believer Kevin Trenberth: New Research Proves His Precipitation Predictions Robustly Bad

The Massive NASA & IPCC Embarrassment: Hansen’s Abysmal Global Warming Model Predictions

Can Climate Models Predict Snowfall? EU Researchers Ascertain Models Are Worthless For Snowfall

Ocean Heat Content: Climate Models Continue To Fail Miserably At Predicting OHC

Reality vs. Predictions: EU Research Indicates A Tiny 2.7 Inch Sea Level Rise By 2100 & NOAA Has Ocean Temps Declining

New Jet Propulsion Lab Analysis of Global Climate Model: Simulations (Predictions) of Arctic Ice Are ‘Rather Poor’

IPCC “Climate Science” Fail Is Major Embarrassment To Establishment Science: IPCC Can’t Predict Squat

Antarctica: IPCC Proven Conclusively Wrong By Newest Research – South Pole Cooling, Not Warming As Predicted

Scientists Predicted Australia Would Become The ‘Drought’ Continent: They Were Wrong

IPCC’s Terrible Predictions Kill: Unable To Predict Accurately, IPCC Climate Models Ultimately Cause Deaths

Scientists Confirm Sea Level Rise Is Well Below Hysterical Predictions of IPCC

Opposite of Predicted: Human CO2 Emissions Have Caused Earth To Cool Over Past 15 Years

The Embarrassing & Total Collapse of The IPCC’s Antarctica Alarmist “Science” Predictions

Major UN IPCC Prediction Failure: Global Warming Does Not Cause Spread of Malaria

Another Scary IPCC Climate Change Prediction Wrong – Scientists Say Methane Gas Fear Overblown

The Utter Failure of IPCC Climate Model’s Prediction of Ocean Global Warming Is Documented

Kyoto CO2 Emissions Prediction Huge Failure

New “Consensus” Prediction: U.S. Climate Scientists Now Say Global Warming Will Cause Fewer Hurricanes To Strike America

IPCC’s Prediction That CO2 Will Cause High Temperatures Found Wildly Wrong, Scientists Confirm

Crunching The “Global Warming” Numbers: Climate Models Horrendous At Predictions, Both Future & Past

New Tropical Cyclone Research From China Reveals Major IPCC Prediction Fail

Another Day, Another Study, Another Failed IPCC Prediction: Modern Global Warming Has Not Caused Increase of Severe Floods

IPCC Climate Physicist Verifies Climate Model Predictions Are Worthless For Periods Longer Than A Decade

“Notorious” Bias Affects IPCC Climate Models – Unable To Successfully Predict Abrupt Climate Changes

Severe Cyclones Striking Australia Declines By 60% – Exact Opposite of IPCC Climate Model Predictions

Another Stupendous IPCC Prediction Failure: Global Warming Will Cause Crop Failure & Starvation

EU Research Projects Less Than 3 Inch Increase of Sea Levels By 2100 – Coastal Areas Not In Jeopardy

World’s Best Scientific Research Determines Zero Connection Between Global Warming and Hurricanes & Cyclones

IPCC Models Spectacularly Fail Reality Test – Key Predicted Components ‘Exaggerated’ & ‘Overestimated’

Finland Researchers Prove That Malaria Incidence Declined During Modern Global Warming – Predicted Increase Wrong

Australian Study Proves Major IPCC Failure: Climate Models Predicted An Increase In Severe Weather – Didn’t Happen

Satellite Measurements Confirm Global Warming Not The Cause of Modern Greenland Ice Loss As Predicted

Predicted Hurricanes & Tropical Storms: Newest Research Finds Cyclonic Events Unrelated To Warmer Temperatures

Lack of Ocean Heat Affirms Massive Failure By IPCC Climate Models, Latest NOAA Data Shows

Major IPCC Climate Model Prediction Error Substantiated: Ocean Warming Not Happening, It’s Cooling

Failure of NASA’s CO2-Based Climate Model Continues: Predicted Warming Significantly Below Actual

Latest EU Research Confirms That Predicted Increase In Storminess From Global Warming Has Not Occurred

Global Warming Has Not Caused Predicted Marine Life Apocalypse, Instead Marine Life Enhanced Says New Study

Hurricane Irene? Based On The Hype & “Expert” Predictions, This Hurricane Is Not Living Up To Its Billing

Africa’s Mosquito Population Declining, Malaria Cases Falling – Opposite of IPCC’s “Experts” Prediction

Massive Climate Model Failure: IPCC Models Unable To Predict Pacific Ocean Variability With Any Confidence

Researchers & Ancient Clams Prove That ‘Permanent’ El Niño Prediction Is Wrong

New Research Determines That “Expert Consensus” About The Warming of Bering Sea Was Wrong

Latest EU Satellite Sea Level Data Confirms Very Slight Increase: By 2100 Seas Will Rise By Only 3.4 Inches

NASA Climate “Scientists” Called Out For Their Incredibly Bad Super El Niño Predictions

Severe Weather In The Far East & Pacific Regions Has Declined Over The Last 50 Years, Scientists Confirm

CAGW On Ropes: Robust Confirmation That Climate Sensitivity Is Significantly Lower Than IPCC Guesstimates

Researchers Determine Climate Model Prediction Wrong: Human CO2 Does Not Enhance El Niños

Scientists Confirm That “Settled” Science Prediction About A Greenhouse Gas Proves To Be Robustly Wrong

Major “Consensus” Prediction Fail: An African Eco-Climate Changes For The Better Due To Global Warming

Objective Analysis of Ocean Warming Determines IPCC Climate Models’ Prediction 2x Too High

More Global Evidence That Global Cooling Is Trumping Global Warming: New Zealand & The U.S.

Experts Say Dangers To Reefs Have Been Overhyped By Greens – Coral Reefs Will Not Die Off As Predicted

Prediction That Global Warming Causes More Storms Fails Empirical Testing – IPCC Climate Models Wrong

Peer-Reviewed Study Determines Climate Models Wrong: U.S. Flooding Has Not Increased As Predicted

Central Europe Temperatures In Free Fall: Multi-Year Cooling Trend Reveals Warming Farce Is Global

Scientists Discover That Global Warming Enhances Marine Life & Diversity, Opposite of IPCC Prediction

Central Siberian Forest Fires Have Declined During The Modern Global Warming Era Say Experts

NASA Research Reveals Antarctica Ice Sheet Melt Just A Fraction of Climate Model Predictions

New Research: Experts Determine German Flooding Has Not Increased From Global Warming As Predicted

Latest Expert Study Finds Rocky Mountains Unaffected By Climate Change Over Last 50+ Years

Last Week Had The Global Warming Alarmists Admit To Zero Warming Since 1998, Now An Admission That Models Don’t Work

NOAA Temperature Data Rebuts IPCC’s Climate Model Predictions of Global Warming

Since 1990, IPCC’s Climate Predictions Have Been Wrong – Billions Wasted On Worthless Fortunetelling

A Spectacular Failure: Latest HadCrut & NASA Temperatures Significantly Below IPCC Climate Model Predictions

Hansen’s Global Climate Model In Total Fail: Predicted Ocean Heat Goes Missing

Southern Africa: Prediction That Global Warming Would Cause Less Rainfall Is Proven Empirically Wrong

Himalayan Glaciers Stable Since 1992 Despite Large Human CO2 Emissions, Scientists Determine

The Global Warming Threat Continues Its Retreat: Feeble “Warming” of Oceans Was Not Predicted By IPCC

Experts Discover That Tropical Fish Can Survive Significant Temperature Increases, Contrary To Consensus Science

A Consensus: U.S. Scientists Discover Another Major Climate Model Flaw – Past Model Predictions Are Incorrect

135 Years of Climate Change In India: No Change In Rainfall, Despite IPCC Prediction of A Severe Decrease

Consensus of Idiots: “Global Warming Will Cause Cascade Mtns. Snowpack To Decline” – Wrong, Twice

Ocean Acidification Will Not Endanger Antarctic Species, Scientists Discover

The NASA Climate Model Developed By Hansen Continues To Wildly Overestimate Global Warming

Another Wrong IPCC Prediction: Major Atlantic Ocean Current Will Likely Slow Due To Greenland Ice Melting

Researchers Pinpoint Why IPCC Climate Models Fail At Winter Precipitation Predictions: Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation

Peer-Reviewed Study Documents That Climate Model Overheats Earth By 70% Since 1850

New Peer-Reviewed Study Reveals Why Climate Models Are Lousy At Predicting Minimum Temperatures

U.S. Ocean Experts Confirm Rapid Decline In Sea Level Increases Over Last Decade

Latest Peer-Reviewed Research: Global Warming & Ocean Acidification Help Florida Coral Reefs Grow

Chinese Scientists Find That IPCC Predicted Extreme Rain Events Are Not Happening With Greater Frequency

New Research Out of Greenland Proves Stability of Ice Sheet Over The Last 2 Decades

Latest Water Vapor Evidence Confirms IPCC Climate Models Are Wrong, Global Warming Hypothesis Opposite of Reality

IPCC’s Flood Predictions Found To Be Without Scientific Merit: Major Flooding Appears To Be Declining, Not Increasing

IPCC Predicted Warming Would Cause Greater Rainfall: Indian Scientists Determine Models Are Wrong

Newest Empirical Evidence: Coral Reefs Survive A Moronic Prediction By Green Alarmists

New Satellite Measurements Confirm That Sea Levels Are Not Accelerating Higher As Predicted

Another IPCC Prediction Failure: Infrared Radiation That Warms Earth Is Doing Opposite of Model Predictions

The UN’s & IPCC RefugeeGate: 50 Million Climate Refugees By 2010 Is Classic, Outlandish Bogosity

Per New Australian Research, Sea Level Increases Are Decelerating, Not Accelerating As Predicted

IPCC Climate Scientists Predicted Less Snow, Less Vegetation & Bigger Deserts – China’s Climate Does Opposite

Scientists Test IPCC Climate Models’ Projections of Cyclone Activity Versus Reality: Models Fail, Again

California Mountain Snowfall: Climate Scientists Confirm IPCC “Consensus” Climate Models Are Wrong

New Climate Research Supports Scientific, Non-Consensus Stance On Global Warming’s Impact

Scientists Discover That Actual Sea Levels Are Doing Opposite of IPCC Model Predictions

Empirical Evidence From Japan Refutes Climate Model Precipitation Predictions

NASA’s Climate Model Failure: Reality-Based Data Confirm The Inaccurate Predictions of Climate Simulations

Climate Models Fail Stupendously At Predicting Ocean Warming, New Data Shows

Peer-Reviewed Study Finds That CO2-Induced Warming Causes Atmosphere To Hold Less Water Vapor

New Finnish Research Confirms Global Warming Does Not Lead To More Floods, nor Droughts

9-Year Study Proves Global Warming Helps Frogs Survive, Opposite of Alarmist Predictions

NOAA Clearly Documents The Massive Failure of Climate Models – Will They Ever Work?

Prediction That Coral Reefs Will Decline Due To Global Warming Is Wrong Experts Conclude

IPCC Prediction That Global Warming Will Cause Flooding Is Wrong, Peer-Reviewed Study Finds

Another Failed IPCC Climate Prediction: Vegetation Growth Does Exact Opposite What Models & “Experts” Predicted

Latest Research From EU Finds IPCC Predictions of ‘Ice-Free’ Arctic To Be Bogus Alarmism

Newest Malaria Research Out of Africa: Global Warming Has No Impact On Spread of Malaria

The Internationally-Operated ‘Argo’ Ocean Measurement System Confirms Significant Cooling of Major Ocean Areas

UN’s IPCC Climate Models’ Predictions of Rainfall Completely Wrong: Study Finds Models Show “Little Relevance”

Hawaii’s Extreme Weather Events: The Exact Opposite of The UN’s IPCC “Expert” Predictions

Marine Biology Experts Find That Warming & “Acidification” Have Zero Impact On Coastal Species

New Empirical Evidence Indicates Methane Gas “Tipping Point” Is Actually Bogus AGW-Alarmism

The ‘Journal of Climate’: IPCC Prediction That Warming Causes More Tropical Cyclones Is Wrong – Australian Data Reveals

Do Alaska’s Crabs Really Prefer Global Warming? You Betcha!, Say Peer-Reviewed Experts

World’s Oldest Temperature Record: No Significant Warming Since 1995, Cooling Instead

The Idiocy of Hansen Documented: Climate Science Buffoonery By A Taxpayer Funded Scientist

Climate Change Is Solar Caused: Latest Research Determines Sun Drives El Niño & La Niña Cycles

Another Failed AGW Prediction: Global Warming Has Not Caused More Mud & Debris Slides

Peer-Study Concludes That A Natural Negative Feedback Stopped Melting of Greenland’s Glaciers

AGW Alarmists Predicted More & Bigger Hailstorms Because of Warming: Peer-Reviewed Study Proves Prediction Wrong

Hurricane/Cyclone Predictions From IPCC Climate Models Fail Spectacularly – Models Are Worthless

Spectacular Climate Model Failure: Latest Empirical Evidence Proves Models Still Can’t Predict El Niño/La Niña Phases

Despite AGW Alarmist Claims, Avalanches Are Not Increasing Due To Climate Change, Peer-Research Finds

Newest Research Proves IPCC Climate Models Wrong: Global Warming Does Not Cause Increased Disaster Losses

Global Warming Causes Massive Drop In Death Rates, Opposite of IPCC Predictions, Peer-Reviewed Study Confirms

A Failed Climate Prediction Twofer: Global Warming Alarmists Get Both Droughts and Floods Wrong

160 Years of Empirical Evidence: Human CO2 Emissions Have Zero Impact On Hurricanes

Climate Alarmists Wrong Again As New Peer-Reviewed Study Finds Global Warming Increases Biodiversity

How Bogus Climate Science “Consensus” Cost Hurricane Insurance Consumers An Additional $82 Billion

IPCC Computer Models’ Prediction That Warming Will Adversely Impact Food Crops Proven Wrong By Chinese Research

Scientists Discover Natural Negative Feedback Caused By Global Warming That Will Reduce Atmospheric Methane

Siberian-Arctic Tundra Thawing Creates Negative Feedback, Opposite of AGW Climate Model Predictions, Experts Find

Another Climate Model Failure: Models Fail To Predict Northern Hemisphere’s Significant Wind Reduction

Will Global Warming Cause Species Extinctions? Latest Peer-Reviewed Research Confirms Species Will Survive, Easily

Peer-Reviewed Study: Climate Model Predictions of African River Flows Proven To Be Incorrect

NASA Funded Peer-Research: Global Warming Has Not Caused A Hurricane or Cyclone Increase

Peer Research From China: IPCC’s Alarmist Claim of Global Decline of Snowpack Levels Found To Be Wrong

U.S. Cooling Continues At -8.3F/Century Rate: IPCC/NASA’s Climate Model Warming Predictions Still Wrong

Peer-Reviewed Study Finds Peet Bogs Are A Climate Negative Feedback, Not Positive, As Gore Claimed

Will Global Warming Destroy U.S. Maple Syrup Industry? New Peer-Research Says ‘No’

“Global Warming” Flooding In Eastern U.S. Has Not Happened, Study Finds – Climate Change Predictions Wrong

Another Failed IPCC Prediction: Three Peer-Reviewed Studies Find Amazon Not At Risk From Higher CO2 Levels

The Findings of Three New Peer-Reviewed Studies: Coral Reef Damage From CO2-Warming Was Overblown Hype

UN & Leftist Politicians Claim Global Warming Has Increased Severe Weather Disasters: That’s Not True For Tornados

What The Real Data Indicates: Length of Arctic Melt Season Shows No Global Warming Trend

A Very Simple Question: Has Huge Human CO2 Increase Caused More Severe Weather? A Simple Answer, Nope

Extreme Climate Events Since 1970: Data Reveals That Most U.S. Hurricanes Less Severe

Melting Predictions For Greenland & Antarctica Found To Be All Wet: Only Half What Climate Scientists Predicted

New Peer-Reviewed Study: IPCC’s Ice Sheet Models Totally Wrong; Ice Sheet Loss Predictions Not Based On Reality

Climate Models’ Drought of Accuracy Confirmed Again In Major Peer-Reviewed Study

Gulf Oil Spill: Newest Findings Reveal That “Expert” Environmental Disaster Predictions Were Disastrously Wrong

Wild Sea Level Predictions By Stefan Rahmstorf, The IPCC’s Hysterical Sea Level Expert, Found To Be Wrong

Is Global Warming Drowning Islands of The Great Barrier Reef? Another Alarmist Prediction Gone Wrong Says Study

CO2-AGW Alarmist Science Hits Iceberg: Study Reveals Human CO2 Has Zero Impact On Antarctica Melting/Warming

Has Global Warming Caused More Mississippi River Floods As Predicted By Climate Models? Scientists Say, ‘Nope’

Is Alarmist Claim That Global Warming Will Cause Bird Extinctions Bogus? Peer-Research Says YES

Can Big Govt & Obama Produce Energy Independence and “Clean” Energy? The Audacity of The Big Lie

Species Extinction? Mountain Rabbits Thrive & Multiply Despite Global Warming Scientists’ Predictions

Scientists Determine Forest Fire Incidents Have Declined Over Last 100+ Years, Globally – New Peer-Reviewed Study Says

Latest Peer-Research: Global Warming Causes Malaria Regions of World To Shrink, Dramatically

What Damage Has Human CO2 Emissions Done To Coral Reefs? New Peer-Research Says ‘Nada’

New Research Finds IPCC Prediction of Global Warming’s Impact On Asia’s Rivers Is Inaccurate & Overhyped

Peer-Reviewed Research Shows Shellfish Don’t Suffer From Elevated CO2 Per The Alarmist Speculation

Memo To Senators: Pacific Islands Disappearing Due To Global Warming Revealed To Be Pure B.S.

The National Science Foundation Predictions For Solar Power? Totally Wrong, Like Most “Expert” Predictions

New Peer-Reviewed Research Challenges Climate Models: Since 2000, Ocean Temperatures Not Increasing

Memo To Senators: NASA’s Climate Model Failures, or The Road To Political ‘Toast’

Continue reading “Memo To Senators: NASA’s Climate Model Failures, or The Road To Political ‘Toast'” »

Iceland Volcano Keeps Providing Proof That Climate Models Are Worthless As Predictive Tools

Floods 10X More Likely During Global Cooling Periods Vs. Global Warming Periods, EU Scientists Discover

Climate Models Predict Significant Increase of River Discharge Volume Due To Global Warming: Scientists Discover The Models Are Wrong

Will Warm Oceans Destroy Ocean Reefs As Predicted? Tasmanian Evidence Refutes Predictions

EU Research Finds No Increase In Severe Storms – Contradicts AGW Model Predictions

The Computer Model Farce: Real-World Crisis Proves Models Are Policy Maker’s Worst Nightmare

Latest Amazon Research: Droughts/Floods Due To Natural Cycles, Not Human CO2 As Predicted

Peer-Research Finds Major Climate Model Failures Regarding Arctic: Warming Is Natural, Not CO2 Caused

Total F.U.B.A.R. – Climate Scientists Admit That Both Global Warming Heat & CO2 Are Missing – They Can’t Find Either

Great Lakes & Global Warming: Peer-Research Reveals Natural Climate Variability, Not AGW Predicted Impact

Bimbo Climate Alarmist Scientist, Who Threatened Meterologists, Fails Badly With Her Climate Models

The Climate Model Snow Predictions Fiasco: 9 IPCC Climate Models Predicted Less Snow For Northern Hemisphere – Total Opposite of Reality

Latest Peer-Research: Global Warming Has Not Caused Increase In S. Hemisphere Cyclones – Model Predictions Wrong

AGW Severe Weather Prediction Wrong: China Hail Storm Frequency Declines During Global Warming

Climate Predictions: Does The UK Have The Dumbest Climate Scientists? Does That Explain The Overall Incompetence?

Despite The Predictions & “Hot” Rhetoric, The Evidence Shows Real Global Warming Is In Its Death Throes

Arctic Species Love The Global Warming: Populations Grew 16% Since 1970, Contrary To Consensus Predictions

Peer-Reviewed Research: Fewer Floods & Droughts During China’s Medieval Warming Period

Peer Research Discovers The ‘Shrub’ Effect: Global Warming Won’t Melt Tundra

Another Failed AGW Prediction: Global Warming Impact On S. Korea Droughts & Floods Is Nada

2009 Consensus Science: “Nothing Lives Under Antarctica Ice Sheet”; 2010 Consensus Science: “Oops, Never Mind”

Warming Tundra “Accelerates” The Release of Methane? Alaska Provides Evidence Countering That Prediction

Another Failed Prediction: Latest Peer-Research Finds Claims of Increased Mudslides Due To Global Warming Is Wrong

Tsunami Models, Significantly Less Complex Than Climate Models, Fail Miserably After Chile Quake – Predictions Wrong

Recent Study Indicates “Global Warming” Is Not Causing Tree Lines To Move As Predicted

Why Has AGW Theory Been Disproven? Based on Actual Scientific Method & Empirical Evidence, The Theory Is Simply False – It’s Unable To Predict

While CO2 Continues Its Relentless Increase, The Great Barrier Reef’s Health Improves Markedly – Despite Predictions

More Bogus Hurricane Predictions From “Experts” – Is It Time To Hold Experts Criminally Negligent For Promoting Fraudulent Predictions?

How Large Has The Global Warming Impact Been On The Amazon For The Last 7 Decades? Try Zilch Versus Idiotic Predictions

Will “Peer-Reviewed” Become Known As The “Science of Idiocracy”? Should Anyone Believe Scientists Any Longer? Prediction Idiocy

Does Human CO2 Cause An Increase In Droughts As IPCC Predictions Claim? Peer-Research Provides An Answer: No

Chinese Researchers Connect The Dots: Precipitation Variations Due To Solar Changes, Not CO2 As Predicted

NOAA Finally Admits That Climate Model Predictions Have Been Totally Wrong About Water Vapor: Instead of Increasing, It’s Decreased By 10%

Another UN Agency & Its Model’s Predictions Totally Botch The Science: WHO’s Incompetence Rivals IPCC’s

New Hurricane Model’s Predictions May Even Be Worse Than Previous Hurricane Models: Another Xbox Simulation Failure?

Using Latest Technology, Experts Calculate That Sea Level Increase Rate At 6 Inches/Century In Contrast To Wild IPCC Predictions

More Bad News For Warming Alarmists & Model Predictions: Two New Studies Indicate That Droughts Less Likely

New Study: IPCC CO2-Based Climate Model Predictions Have Performed Miserably, Brookhaven Researchers Find

Computer Predictions: It’s Not Only “Experts” of Climategate Who Are Being Investigated; Swine-Flugate Experts Will Get A ‘Procto’ Also

As Actual Evidence Mounts, IPCC & Model Predictions Appear To Have Been Totally Wrong: New Little Ice Age?

Did Global Warming Cause An Increase High Wind Storms As Predicted By Models? Peer-Research Says No

Methane Level Growth “Accelerating”? Fortunately, Climate Alarmists Wrong Again In 2009

Multiple Antarctica Peer-Reviewed Studies Confirm Sea Ice Growth Over Decades; Scientists Befuddled Why Climate Models Are Wrong

New Peer-Reviewed Studies Totally Debunk Alarmist “Predictions” That Global Warming Causes Increases In Severe Weather Activity

Has Past Global Warming Caused Increase of Infectious Diseases? Latest Peer-Research Says No

The Very Unsettled Science: Why Oceans Cooled In Recent Years Still Has Scientists Baffled; Cooling Contradicts Climate Models

Likelihood of Arctic Sea Soon Disappearing, Mr. Gore? Not Bloody Likely, As His Lord Monckton Might Say

Uh-Oh…Researchers Discover Fish of All Ages Like CO2-Induced Acidification…Another Alarmist Prediction ‘Flounders’

Satellite Data: Theory That CO2 Causes Positive Water Vapor Feedback, Which Then Boosts Temperatures Seems Not To Work

Africa’s Lake Victoria Basin’s Climate Improved Over 20th Century Peer-Research Finds; Climate Scientists’ Predictions Were Wrong

Copenhagen, Another Extraordinary Popular “Scientific” Delusion? There’s Been 26 Before And All Were Wrong

New Research Refutes Climate Model CO2 Predictions: Oceans & Terrestrial Ecosystems Are Soaking Up CO2 Handily, Not The Atmosphere

Peer-Reviewed Research Finds That Coral Reef Records Disprove Climate Model Predictions

Analysis of Multiple Peer-Reviewed Studies: Global Ocean Warming Not Happening As Climate Models Predicted

The Climate Model Joke Continues: NCAR Climate Model Prediction Fails In Peer-Researched Study On Max/Min Daily Temperatures

Climate Alarmist Scientists Predicted More Hurricanes Due To “New” El Niño; For 2009, As Usual, Prediction Totally Wrong

Global Precipitation Research Project Reveals Fatal Water Vapor Flaw In Climate Models

Alarmist Scientists Claim Hay Fever & Asthma Will Increase Due To Global Warming: EU Peer-Reviewed Research Says, ‘Wrong’

Major Temperature Study: Africa’s Daily High Temps Stay Flat For 50+ Years; Africa Is Not Warming From Increased CO2 Levels

How Will Fish Survive Ocean Acidification? Swimmingly, As Peer-Reviewed Research Discovers

Global Warming Hysteria Fails Another Test: Recent Peer-Reviewed Studies Determine Severe Droughts Decline Over Last 40 years

Another Example of Why Public Radio & TV Can’t Be Trusted On Global Warming Reporting

Multiple Peer-Reviewed Studies Confirm That Severe Flooding Has Not Increased Despite Warming Alarmist Claims

Global Warming & Swine Flu Similarities: “Major” Crises Fabricated By UN Politicians and Bureaucrats?

What’s Revkin, Begley, Eilperin & Big MSM Outlets Have To Say About The 2009 Record Low Antarctic Ice Melt? Amazingly, Zilch

Climate Models Fail Major Consistency Test versus Arctic Climate: Peer-Reviewed Research Finds Arctic Predictions Unreliable

What Do Swine Flu & Global Warming Have In Common? “Expert” Government Predictions That Are Totally Worthless

Has “Unprecedented” Global Warming Caused Indian Ocean To Rise? Yes, And It Continues To Rise At 5 Inches/Century Rate!

Are Climate Models Worthless? IPCC Climate Models’ Predictions of Methane (CH4) Levels Totally Wrong

The Problem(s) With Climate Models: Top 50 Major Problems Causing All The Model Prediction Failures

New Peer-Reviewed Study: Extreme Global Warming Has Unleashed Incredible Sea Rise Past Century! Oops, Only 7 Inches

MSM Reporting Exposed As Sensationalist Hype: Ice Sheets Are Not Going To Collapse Into Oceans

Scientists Studying Ancient Climate Don’t Understand Why Earth Warmed: “Gaps In Climate Knowledge”

As The Alps Warm, Plant Species Thrive & Expand Range; Predicted Species Extinction Not Happening

Climate Model Failure: Computer Predictions Wrong About Great Lakes’ Water Levels – They’re Increasing, Not Decreasing

Climate Modelers Are Still Clueless On Water Vapor: New Study Admits Almost Total Ignorance of Water Vapor Science

Peer-Reviewed Study On Ocean Heat Content Confirms Cessation of Global Warming: Both Atmosphere & Seas Not Warming

Will The Maldives Be Swamped From Rising Sea Levels As Virtual PC Simulation Prophesies? Research Says ‘No’

Where Are The Hurricanes Caused By Global Warming? Predicted Hurricanes Not Happening

A N.S.S. Moment: “Scientists advocating for action are overselling the predictive capabilities of climate models”

The Failure of Climate Models: Their Predictions Embarrassingly Bad and Not Getting Better – Why?

Are Climate Modelers ‘Stuck-On-Stupid’? CO2-Mania Blinds Them To The Obvious

Pigs Don’t Fly & Climate Models Don’t Lie: Oink! Top Climate Modeler Admits To Global Cooling Instead of Global Warming

High Tech Continues To Prove UN’s Global Warming A Pseudo-Crisis: Satellites Find Global Temps Well Below IPCC Hype Level

How Bad are IPCC Climate Model Predictions? Horrendous: As In, ‘Couldn’t Hit The Side of A Barn’ Horrendous

Large Uncertainty of Climate Model Predictions Due To Failure of Models to Deal With Aerosols Correctly, Experts Find

U.S. Temperatures Since 1900: Of Five Cool/Warm Periods, Climate Models Can Only Match One

Was Global ‘Brightening’ The Real Cause of Global Warming During 1980’s & 90’s? New Research Suggests CO2 Was Wrongly Blamed

IPCC Climate Model Global Temperature Predictions Are Likely To Be 6X Too High, A New Peer Reviewed Study Finds

‘Climate Models Don’t Do Clouds’ – Study Confirms That Models Fail To Represent Important Cloud Impacts On Temperatures Correctly

20th Century Droughts: Caused By Global Warming? Study of The 30 Major Droughts Shows All Were Part of Natural Climate Cycle

It Ain’t Melting Soon: New Greenland Ice Sheet Study Finds Surface Mass Increased 63% From 1958 to 2008

Climate Experts’ Prediction About Thawing Tundra Greenhouse Gas “Time-Bomb” Found To Be Wrong; Another Climate Model Error

UN IPCC & Alarmist Claims That Global Warming Threatens Amazon Is Without Merit, Research Finds – Another Wrong Prediction

“Consensus” Prediction of Atmospheric Scientists In 2002 Proven Wrong A Few Years Later: Can They Predict Anything Correctly?

New MIT/NASA Research Finds That 100% of Climate Models Fail: $79 Billion Wasted By Climate Alarmist Scientists? Unfortunately, Yes

NOAA Experts’ Scientific Prediction of Sea ‘Dead Zone’ Was Wildly Inflated; Policy Based On Computer Model Predictions Is Reckless

Global Warming Will Cause Millions of Deaths!: Another Past Example of Bogus “Peer Reviewed” Global Warming Science

Bangladesh Will Lose Land To Rising Seas Because of Global Warming! Oooops….Another Wrong IPCC Prediction

As RealClimate.org Scientists Admit Defeat This Week, Back In 2005 Real Scientists Were Already Documenting Weakness In CO2 Hypothesis

Standard Climate Alarmist Prediction: Global Warming Will Cause Desert Areas To Expand Causing Death & Destruction – Big Time Wrong, Again

Climate Models Can’t Predict With Any Accuracy: Another Study Confirms The Dismal Record of Computer Climate Models

Climate Alarmist Scientists: ‘Human CO2 Will Cause Slow Down of Ocean Conveyor Belt’ – They’re Wrong Again Research Shows

Climate Ice-Sheet Models Proven Wrong On Antarctica’s Ice Sheets; “Global Warming” Has No Effect On Current Melt

Lest We Forget, Past Research Has Proven Climate Models Are Incapable of Credible Predictions

Are Maldives & Other Reef Islands Going To Slip Beneath Waves Due To Rising Seas? Latest Research Says ‘No’

IPCC Projections of Ozone Pollutants So Out of Wack, It Poisons Results of Climate Model Research

Are Droughts Becoming More Intense & Longer? Study In Utah Shows Opposite Trend Than Predicted

Recent MIT Climate Modeling Hysteria About World Ending Is Debunked – Forecast Experts Say It’s Unscientific

The Current Climate Observations Continue To Diverge From IPCC’s Political, Lame, 2007 “Consensus”

Should Politicians Believe Climate Models That Predict 50 Years From Now? “Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!”

New, Enhanced Climate Model Finds Existing Models 180° Wrong About Positive Feedback – D’OH, It’s Negative!

Have Climate Models Accurately Predicted Atmospheric Humidity, The Key To Water Vapor “Positive” Feedback?

How Do We Know All Global Warming Climate Models Are Fatally Wrong? The Inconvenient Atmosphere Temps

Climate Models Fail At Correctly Predicting Diurnal Trends; Issue Undercuts Validity of Models’ Usefulness

Satellite Data & Research Finds World’s Plant Life Enjoying Tremendous Growth Due To Better Environment

New Evidence That Obama Administration Using MIT’s Climate Model Team For Economic Predictions

Climate Models Predict Drying of Soil Moisture, Thus Crop Failure: Ukraine Breadbasket Study Refutes Model

Computer Modeling: The Federal Fiasco Using Models To Predict Solar Cycles Exposes Danger of Faith In Models

Researchers Discover That Real World Percipitation Trends Are Not Consistent With Climate Model Predictions

2004: “Unprecedented” Growth In CO2; 2009: CO2 Growth “Accelerating” – Do The Alarmists Ever Stop The Hype?

U.S. Taxpayer Spends Billions On Climate Models Using Incorrect CO2 Levels – Cause of Bad Model Predictions?

Theory Says Global Warming Causes More Rainfall With Greater Variability – Just The Opposite In S. Europe

Climate Alarmist Models Require Constant Atmospheric Relative Humidity: Real Climate Proves This Wrong

Why Is It Global Warming Catastrophic Predictions Get Scarier When There’s No More Global Warming?

Climate Models Wrong About Antarctic Ozone Hole – Resulting Climate Predictions Will Be Inaccurate, Again

Climate Alarmists Claim Ocean Acidification From CO2 Will Harm Marine Life: Evidence Shows Otherwise

Researchers Discover Arctic Was Likely Ice-Free In Recent Historical Past, Pre-Industrial CO2

The Climate Change Problem? “…tendency of scholars to protect their theories by building defences around them”

Climate Model Predicted Less Winter Precipitation Due To Less Arctic Ice: Found To Be Totally Wrong

How Have Climate Models Done Predicting Cloud Coverage? Not Too Well

Greenland Ice Sheet Has Natural ‘Brakes’ – Positive Feedback Model For Glaciers Proven False

Another Example of Climate Model Failure: Actual Ozone In Wealthy Countries Does Exact Opposite of Predictions

Scientific Consensus Is That Climate Models Have Failed Spectacularly – What Did They Fail At and Why?

Study of Rivers Discharge Demolishes Climate Model Predictions of More Precipitation Due To Global Warming

New Research Undercuts AGW Alarmist Predictions (Again!) – Will Democrats Still Push For Global Warming Tax?

Another Failed AGW Prediction: Great Lakes Should Be “Drying Up” Due To Global Warming – Not Happening

Global Warming & Forest Fires In Ontario – Lower Incidence In 20th Century: Another Failed AGW Prediction

Simply One of The Best Explanations (Synopsis) of Why The IPCC Computer Climate Models Are Abject Failures

Previous Examples of MSM Totally Ignoring Science That Refutes Global Warming Myths – Incompetence or Bias?

The Namib Desert Had It’s Greatest Floods During Global Cooling Periods, Not During Global Warming Periods, As Predicted

Will Global Warming Bring More Intense & Variable Percipitation? Asian Research Points To Opposite

Does Global Warming Cause Flooding? Central European Study Says No (Might Actually Reduce Flooding)

New Research Confirms Antarctic Ice Expanding & Thickening;

Predicting Species Extinction Due To AGW Is Bogus Science Says Expert (Constant ‘Hype’ Predictions Have No Basis)

Real World Data Embarrasses Climate Model Scientists; Will They “Adjust” Real Data To Make Models Look Good?

U.S. Temps In 2008 Only A Hair Above Average, Since 1901 – CO2 Models Predicted Much Higher Temps

It Is Confirmed By New Satellite Data, Sea Levels Have Declined Over Recent Past – Predictions Wrong

Experts Determine Climate Models Overstate Antarctic Warming; Models Fail Due To Water Vapor & Ozone

Why Have IPCC Climate Models Failed At Drought Prediction? Soil Moisture Is The Root Cause of Failure

Study Finds Scientists’ Prediction of Thames River Barrier Wrong; Climate Change Won’t Overwhelm It In 2030

Climate Scientists Have Terrible Record of Predictions – Cut Them Some Slack, They Share Humiliation With Others

Why Have Climate Models Failed Miserably Regarding Antarctic? Hint: Water Vapor & Volcanoes

Climate Alarmist Scientists Predicted Atlantic Ocean Circulation Slowdown: Wrong, Again, Like Usual

Peer-reviewed Study: There Is Still No Atmospheric “Hotspot” As Required By AGW Theory; Climate Models Fail

Climate Models Rely On ‘Positive Feedback’ To Generate Warming But New Data Indicates ‘Negative Feedback’

Expert Scientific Forecasters: “The IPCC’s, forecasts, and recommendations based on them, should be ignored”

Climate Scientist: New Study Reveals IPCC Global Model Predictions Are “Seriously Flawed”

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  2. Reblogged this on The GOLDEN RULE and commented:
    A monumental effort, Anthony.
    There is more to the debate than IPCC predictions but as they, rather than the warming ‘science’, were the basis for the political responses which contribute to the ruination of economies.
    Very impressive post!

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