What happens when CO2 explodes through the roof at record levels?

Nothing. No warming what so ever.

All of the datasets show this, right here.

Where the lines start, is when the warming stopped. Most are 15 or more years.

Even GISS, which as we know is adjusted so badly that the people should be jailed for fraud, shows no warming for 11 years.

Think about the increase since 2000 in CO2 and its emissions. It has exploded so badly that even the climate modellers expectations have been shattered.

And still no warming. CO2 is just a tiny miniscule gas that has the tiniest of miniscule effect on global temperatures.

It has a complex, it thinks it’s a forcing, when quite obviously its a feedback.

Poor CO2 is so confused, but all is well, because in 2 decades time it will not be confused any longer, it will be plainly obvious to it and everyone else that it nothing more than a trace gas.



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