David Jones joins the Emperor.

That’s what 16 years without warming does. It leaves you naked.

All of the predictions, all of the alarmism, all of the scare mongering.

And all for what? To tax us on Carbon, a tiny trace gas making up approximately 0.038% of the atmosphere.

Threats of melting Antarctica, record temperatures, no more snow, no more rain, premanent droughts!

Where are they all? Record rainfalls and 5 out of the last 6 years being La Ninas have destroyed the AGW crowd.

Of course it wont warm. The oceans have 1000 times more energy than the atmosphere, and of the atmosphere, CO2 is microscopic.

So David Jones can now stand tall next to the Emperor, naked with nothing but a set of rash and incorrect decisions tucked under the arm.

There are far smarter people than I saying that the game is over, the evil CO2 monster is nothing more than someones wet dream.

All of the adjusting, all of the rorting of data, all of the posting on forums about no snow in Ferny Creek…

All for nothing. The climate wont co-operate. It refuses to warm, and will now descend into a cooling pattern that has happened many many times before.

And here it is, the graph that they do not like very much, as it destroys their myth.




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