BOM announce there will be no El Nino…

Only 4 months after I already gave them the late breaking news with Sandra Sully.

Which is remarkable, because if you look at what Sea Surface Temperatures looked like in July you would wonder how i made such a forecast?

Looked like an El nino was coming on, however any person who knows their stuff steps out in front of the square, not behind it.

Anyway, here is the article today.

BOM predictions of El Nino revised

Wednesday October 24, 2012 – 12:30 EDT

ABC image

The Bureau of Meteorology says the Hunter is in for a period of average rainfall over summer.            – ABC
The Bureau of Meteorology says the latest seasonal outlook indicates the Hunter region is in for a period of average rainfall over summer.
There had been concern that the region was heading into an El Nino phase, with below average rainfall expected.
But John James from the Williamtown Bureau says things have changed slightly in recent weeks.
“In September it looked like we were getting closer towards the El Nino conditions, but over the past couple of weeks conditions have come a little more neutral across the Pacific Ocean.
“At this stage it looks like we are going to see close to average conditions around the Hunter region.
“Around the Hunter region there’s no real strong signal for above or below average rainfall.”
Mr James says average maximum temperatures are also expected.
“Still need to be very careful,” he said.
“It’s not to say that we are not going to get a few weeks of dry conditions, and then a short burst of rainfall, and then back to dry conditions, so it’s important to remember we are looking at this average over a three-month period.
“We certainly cannot rule out a bad fire season this year particularly with the amount of fuel around.”

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