Bom have now gone full crazy.

And the back tracking keeps coming from the BOM.

Part of my seasonal outlook suggested, NO El nino, possible heavy flooding again in the summer, and an early monsoon.

Well, now the BOM are also suggesting the same.

If i was the BOM, and i wanted to work out why this occurred, forget about a review, the answer is simple.

The climate models are deeply flawed, and the BOm and all the other agencies swear by them.

And as i pointed out time and again, they will let you down time and again.

Here is the article.

Wet Christmas tipped as El Nino goes missing

By Lauren Day,       Thursday October 25, 2012 – 13:30 EDT

Audience submitted image

Territorians can still expect two or three cyclones to form this wet season.

The weather bureau says the wet season is likely to arrive earlier than expected in the Northern Territory after a big change in Australia’s summer forecast.
In the biggest turnaround in weather patterns since records began, the bureau is no longer predicting an El Nino event, which brings drought-like conditions.
Forecaster Joel Lisonbee says it won’t make a big difference to the Territory’s weather but it will be a more “average” season than expected.
“Based on the forecast of a developing El Nino, we expected the monsoon to onset just a little bit late,” he said.
“But now that we are seeing things go back towards the average, we are expecting more of an average onset, which is right around the week of Christmas for us, late December.”
Mr Lisonbee says Territorians can still expect two or three cyclones to form this wet season.


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