Hurricane Sandy update.

Still much of the same with ECMWF, puts Sandy through the Virginia area.

However, the big ensemble of models this morning pits it further North towards New York.

Usually with hurricanes, you cannot pin down their impact area until the last 6 hours, because they are so big and powerful they don’t follow regular weather theory, and pretty much do as they please.

It’s still going to be a very dangerous storm, it will have plenty of fuel all the way up until impact, which means it wont weaken like most storms do when they rub along the coast whilst heading north.

It just happens to be heading into a location where its perfect set up to smash into the coast unobstructed.

A record storm surge is possible with this system, that’s how significant it is.

Here is the model output.

Will keep everyone updated morning and night on this blog, which is also linked to social media.



3 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy update.

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