Alarmists havent mentioned this, i wonder why!

With all the carry on about Sandy, which was massive but weak, alarmists are again embarrassing themselves with the talk of Global Warming having something to do with it.

Of course, alarmists say we have loaded the dice by driving around in 4wds and using our air cons and laptops too much.

And then, because of the storm surge, which was about as small as you would see in a hurricane, on a full lunar high tide, the media and alarmism has hit nonsensical levels.

But what they havent said is that this wasnt even the highest storm surge recorded in Southern new England.

One could be forgiven for thinking they had never had a storm surge in that area.

Anyway its best to check this out to get a perspective on the bigger and stronger hurricanes from 377 years ago.

At that time CO2 was 273ppm, well under Hansen’s safe level of 350 ppm.

And Sandy struck on a the second highest lunar tide of the year!

David Jones hasnt mentioned this on FB, i will keep you posted.




One thought on “Alarmists havent mentioned this, i wonder why!

  1. The question is, what combination of storm intensity (which you note yourself) and astronomical tidal level was required to generate the recorded water levels in these events? Remove those factors first. Otherwise, you’re falling into a similar trap as the alarmists of claiming that a small number of events are indicative of a trend in an incomplete and highly variable timeseries, or rule it out (as the case may be).

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