Alarmists saying the Atlantic warming caused Sandy are clearly deluded.

Some of the alarmists are trying to link climate change with Hurricane Sandy.

For a start off, it wasnt even a Hurricane when it struck. Its massive size was the interaction of the North Easter, and the cold air streaming in ahead of it.

So any thoughts that the warm Atlantic caused the storm to be so strong are wrong, as can be seen here by looking at the temperatures of the path that Sandy took.

Here is the track path.

And here is the graph that Bob Tisdale produced using the KNMI Explorer, showing the sea surface temps since 1938.

Not even a scintilla of warming, the trend is flat! Clearly you can see the two warm periods of the warm AMO, and the cold period during the 1960-1990 period.

Anyone who believes the Atlantic has warmed up due to Co2 has lost the ability to think, or is a complete moron.


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