David Jones teaches us his expertise.

And that is, being an alarmist with a brain that doesn’t function very well.

David is asking everyone on social media whether anyone can spot the trend because Venice recorded its 6th highest ever reading of water levels.

The fact that a heavy rain bearing system was to blame is irrelevant. The trend is undeniable.


And I agree, there is a big trend….. in stupidity that is increasing at exponential levels whenever David speaks.

The evil CO2 monster could only muster up the 6th highest recorded sea levels despite favourable conditions.

This reeks of desperation by the man running the National Climate Centre, because we are well into November and 2 weeks away from summer, and we have been receiving temps in the low to mid 20s in the southern states. The fact the heat hasn’t come is an embarrassment.

So embarrassing that they have to use a 1961 – 1990 baseline to make everyone believe it’s actually warmer than normal.

The alarmist mantra is alive and well, if the weather wont co – operate, just lie and speak utter horseshit.




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