Bob Geldof drinks from the AGW trough

To be honest I never really had an opinion on Bob Geldof.

Until this afternoon when I had the pleasure of reading quite possibly the greatest load of horsehit ever printed.




The musician-turned-activist reckons the world will end in 2030 – leading to the extinction of humankind.

Sir Bob, 61, based his miserable prediction on the effects of climate change.

“The world can decide in a fit of madness to kill itself,” he told a group of youngsters at a summit in Johannesburg, South Africa.

“We may not get to 2030. We need to address the problem of climate change urgently”

Sir Bob Geldof

The former Boomtown Rats singer also warned “the next war will not be a World War One or a World War Two, it will be the end.”

He added: “We may not get to 2030. We need to address the problem of climate change urgently.”

Sir Bob is best-known for his attempts in helping to fight famine in Africa, staging Live Aid at Wembley Stadium in 1985.

He finished his speech by apologising for being “bloody miserable”, but added: “just get on with it”.


I was thinking about this for some time, and then worked it out. I see what he did there.

He said what the IPCC paid him to say. One thing he didn’t do was look at the following graph before he engaged his brain.



No warming since 1996, whilst C02 has exploded at a biblical rate.

So from having no opinion now I think he is a deluded wanker on the take.

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