Weatherzone feeling left out.

The AGW bandwagon is getting full, as there too may alarmist cockheads on it.

David Jones’ nose eclipses the sun and puts Bill Lawry to shame, Tim Flannery is so dumb he is believable, and John Cook is just a straight out alarmist liar.

Anyway, Weatherzone have decided its time they jumped on. They have published some shit before but this one takes the cake.

Here is an article yesterday claiming next year as is clearly stated in the title.

Farmers in the southern states could be facing a dry year in 2014.

That’s according to the latest forecast modelling by Dr David Stephens, senior research officer with the Australian Export Grain Innovation Centre.

He says preliminary data indicates an El Nino weather pattern is developing but stresses it’s too early to put out a formal El Nino forecast until November.

He says after a few good years, the country is due for another El Nino event.

“The reality is that we can’t expect good years to keep coming and coming,” he said.

“We’re in a variable climate, El Nino’s are very much a driver of our rainfall and we really need to track the changes in the weather pattern before they develop.”

I see. So after claiming in the title an El Nino is forecast for 2014, the article is full of would, could, if, should.

Its also says its to far out to say with certainty.

So why write the article then??

Agenda much? It is a non issue but they are firmly on the AGW bandwagon.

Will re visit this in 3 months climate models show complete opposite.

3 thoughts on “Weatherzone feeling left out.

  1. This article has nothing to do with weather zone. It’s from the abc. It has just come up on their weather news feed, as does any other weather related article. With all due respect, if you want to be taken seriously on here you need to be doing better than this!!

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