Australia to drown.

Nevermind Flannery, Garnaut, David Jones, or any deluded nutcase on facebook.

In 1986, 27 years ago, the then SA minister for the Environment predicted a 1 metre rise to sea levels by 2046.

ADELAIDE: Ocean levels would rise about  a metre over the next 60 years and have a significant effect on the Australian coastline and coastal communities, the South Australian Minister for Environment and Planning, Dr Hopgood, said yesterday.

Dr Hopgood told the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects’ national conference that the startling prediction on ocean levels was

included in the most recent information on the   “greenhouse effect” known to be heating up the Earth.

He said in the past five years it had become necessary to lift estimates on the amount ocean levels would rise, something caused by higher temperatures and the thermal expansion of seawater.

“The overwhelming feature is the burning of fossil fuels releasing carbon dioxide and trace gases, such as methane, into the atmosphere,” Dr Hopgood said.

“Over the next 60 years, the sea level rise predicted would produce significant beach erosion. Over longer periods it would result in relocation of populations from lower-lying coastal areas.”

However, the news was not all bad and adjustments in weather patterns would favourthe southern hemisphere with heavier rainfall in central and northern Australia and some rainfall reduction in the wheat belts of North America, Asia and Europe.

Greenhouse effect known to be heat up Earth? I think he had that mistaken for the warm PDO.

Even if we assume they have risen at 4mm a year since then, which is debateable, then in the next 33 years we would need to see it rise at roughly 30mm a year.

Not even in one of Tim Flannery’s wet dreams would that occur.


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