Dishonesty from the BOM is an increasing trend.

Surely the BOM cannot be serious?

Is there a more corrupt organisation in this country?

I suppose when David Jones drives a Ford Territory, but proclaims we must act now before it’s too late, it’s no wonder.

AUSTRALIANS can expect more intense droughts during El Nino years due to climate change.

The Bureau of Meteorology has used new climate models from the IPCC to work out the first consistent projection of how El Nino will be affected by a warming climate.

The El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is a warming of water that affects weather patterns across the Pacific Ocean.

So if one decides to look at facts again, rather than an article best used for toilet paper, it is easy to see how corrupt the BOM are.

Heres the trend for ENSO in the last 159 years.


So in all the fluctuations, the trend is ZERO.

And we are supposed to believe that suddenly its going to kill us all.

C02 impact on ENSO  = ZERO.

ZERO. The only trend that is increasing is the dishonesty from the BOM.

Here is another snapshot, this clearly shows ENSO running to decadal cycles, the cold PDO from the 1940s to 1970s are clearly seen, as is the warm PDO from the mid 70s to mid 2000s.


Anyone want to take a stab where ENSO and global temps are headed?

HINT : Ignore the article.

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