Congratulations to David Jones, dickhead of the week…again.

Australia’s biggest alarmist, David Jones, Ford Territory driver, and head of the corrupt National Climate Centre, never fails to deliver.

Was a tough one because Peter Hannam is closing in fast as being as big a dickhead as David Jones is.

Anyway, what is intriguing is that he believes global warming is the cause of bushfires.

Among other things, he also has trouble grasping the fact that the continent of Australia is 1% of the Earth.

Somehow, this gets overlooked, and then the bullshit starts spewing out of his mouth.

David Jones, head of  climate analysis at the Bureau of Meteorology, said  climate change will see fire conditions worsen for much of Australia over the  longer run.

While weather patterns vary from year to year, southern Australia is already  seeing springs and summer becoming hotter. As a result, there is a “trend  towards more severe fire weather conditions across Australia.”

“We know from about March-April to around June, things have been drying out  across southern Australia,” he said.

“The fact there is less soil moisture increases the fire risk both towards  the end of the fire season but also the subsequent fire season,” Dr Jones said.  “You have a lesser opportunity to really wet up the vegetation.”

“Global warming exacerbates a number of factors associated with fire,” he  said, adding that humidity is expected to decline over much of the continent  particular in summer.

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The only part that have some truth to it is the fact its been drier between March and June.

This is due to a long term shift in the SAM. Given we have decadal cycles at play, expect it to shift back and the climate to become wetter again.

Anyone linking Global Warming, which is non existent, to bushfire increases is seriously loony, or lying.

There has been no warming for 16 years, and bushfires are caused by lack of fuel reduction, and pyromaniacs lighting fires in areas destined for mass destruction.


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