Truth is not popular at the BOM or the AGE.

Turns out I have been blocked on twitter by both, or by Peter Hannam more correctly, simply for mentioning that there has been no warming for 16 years, and that Australia makes up 1% of the Earths climate.

Anything that happens in regards to Australia’s climate has no implications globally.

This ground breaking news was perceived so bad I had to be blocked by both, just in case someone who was a brainwashed deluded wanker from the left may have twigged they were being conned.


All the crap in the world spoken, and the globe is 0.054 degrees above normal.

Well strike me down with a feather, you see that warm blob in the middle of the Pacific just past NZ, that’s called a blocking high.

Blocking causes heatwaves, it has nothing to do with warming or cooling of the climate.

And with blocking comes dry and hot weather.

And with that, when you have a pack of knobs like the greens who are against fuel reduction, you get bushfires, usually lit by people with no regard for human life and likely not to be human themselves.

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