Antarctica used to be like SE QLD….who knew?

Amazing. Some 52 Million years ago, the Antarctic continent had a sub tropical climate, with trees flourishing.

The study published in the journal Nature shows that tropical vegetation, including palms and relatives of today’s tropical Baobab trees, was growing on the coast of Antarctica 52 million years ago. These results highlight the extreme contrast between modern and past climatic conditions on Antarctica and the extent of global warmth during periods of elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide levels.

Seems to me that with C02 at 800 ppm at the time that it is not a driver of climate at all, just a feedback.

This is a most inconvenient study as we are led to believe your 4wd is causing the planet to overheat.


One thought on “Antarctica used to be like SE QLD….who knew?

  1. Of course Antarctica was like S-E Queensland 50M years ago because the Antarctic was where S-E Qld is now. So regardless of carbon dioxide levels, solar insolation was the major factor at work. At various times since the Cambrian, Antarctica has been so far north that parts of it were in the Northern Hemisphere i.e. plate tectonics has moved the continents around.

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