I love drawing with crayons.

Yep, I have been scribbling this evening.

I found a picture tonight that is worthy of a 3 year old drawing and here it is.

global temp comparison

What is great about this drawing is that you can tell its done by someone in kinder, so I decorated it.

We know that this graph is totally bogus, as its made up of completely distorted and fabricated data.

Now even if this was true, which it isn’t, but assume it is for a minute.

Notice the warm spell in both warm PDO periods I highlighted both warmed up the same amount.

The question is, if warming is unprecedented today, how did it warm up by the same amount in the 1910 – 1940 period?

With C02 at 320ppm. With no cars, computers, aircons, downlights, LCD tvs, aeroplanes, cities full of apartments.

What could cause this I wonder? Could we be actually seeing the same warming in each PDO cycle be the same?

Could the warmer oceans in the warm cycle actually be the driver of the global temps?

So an offshoot to that is why the fuck are paying a Carbon Tax?

A trace gas that makes up 0.004% of the atmosphere, and only 1/100th the amount of water vapour, the largest Greenhouse Gas.

That has increased by 15 % in the last 2 decades and resulted in a net warming compared with 1910 – 1940 of exactly 0.0C..

The game is up.


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