Santer’s 17 years….check.

Its now official. First the quote from Ben Santer.

“There is a lot of noise in the climate system and it is quite possible that the noise can mask the effects of man-made carbon dioxide for a period of time. However if the slope is zero for 17 years, then we cannot blame noise any more but we have to face the facts that we humans do not affect the climate to any great extent.”

And we have arrived at 17 years, in another 3 years after another LA Nina we will round out 2 decades, no Carbon tax, and then all the government agencies will turn to something else to try and sequester all of your hard earned money.



2 thoughts on “Santer’s 17 years….check.

    • Love your work Werner.

      I know what Santer meant, and he is now proven wrong.

      Terrific you have highlighted this important fact.

      And its only going to get worse for the AGW cult.

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