David Jones admits temps were 2 degrees warmer than current day.

The man who calls himself Hillybilly on the Australian Weather forum, because he is so pathetic and doesn’t want to use his real name, admitted some time ago that the Holecene Optimum temps were 2 degrees C warmer than today.

hillybilly on Wed 11 Nov 2009 – 9:01

The climate 5000 years ago (holocene
optimum) was wetter and more consistent than today, and 2deg warmer. the problem
now seem to be that we’re in no mans land, since the 98 shift were too warm for
the antarctic fronts and to cold for the tropical moisture.

Just curious, if we are so warm why have had a barrage of non stop assaults from the South in the last 4 years since this statement was made?

Too cold for tropical moisture? Hmm lets see how that went..


Epic fail.

So the man who is the head of the National Climate Centre admits that we have been much warmer 5,000 years ago. But in the next breath says its never been hotter and we are to blame.

Maybe that’s why he still drives a Ford territory.

Or maybe its because he is a lying douchebag.

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