I found the global temperature thermostat.

That article last week, the one where Peter Hannam, Australia’s biggest alarmist journo said the warming trend was now underway and winter is over, well I found the key to it.

The article linked Sydney’s dry and warm July to greenhouse gases.

Because, you know, Sydney must run the global temperature.

So whilst Southern Australia froze its ball off in July, I have circled the part of Australia that both Peter and Weatherzone’s Brett Dunske were talking about.




Apparently that little red circle is so important that it over rides everything else that happened in July globally.

You couldn’t make this stuff up.

Not forgetting of course the Bureau of Manipulation use a 1961-1990 baseline, because it was partly the cold PDO.

And then keep adjusting the temps for those decades ad nauseoum to make it look like its warming.



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