Recent Hawaiian Tropical Cyclones – Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies of the Storm Tracks

Any hysteria about global warming causing these two hurricanes put to bed!

Bob Tisdale - Climate Observations

Iselle Storm TrackIt never fails.  Hurricanes and tropical cyclones always bring out the manmade global warming alarmists, with their claims of unusually warm sea surface temperatures along the storm tracks.  Of course those fictionally warmed sea surface temperatures were caused by rising CO2 emissions.  We expected and saw that nonsense when Sandy struck the east coast of the U.S. mainland back in 2012. Not unexpectedly, data contradicted the claims.  See the posts here and here.

The same unwarranted alarmist claims magically appeared when the two tropical cyclones (Iselle and Julio) threatened Hawaii last week.  Iselle’s storm track is shown on the map to the right. (Please click on it to enlarge.)  I’ve highlighted the coordinates I’ve used for Iselle’s storm track…before it reached Hawaii.  Julio’s track was similar but ran a little north of Iselle’s.  So, were the sea surface temperatures along Iselle and Julio’s storm tracks unusually warm, and…

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What Part Of This Isn’t Clear?

Look at all those adjustments!! No wonder there are lots and lots of sceptics!

Real Science

NASA has altered their own data to hide the decline globally. The animation below shows changes to published NASA global temperature data from 1981 to the present.


NASA has altered their own data to hide the decline in the US. The animation below shows changes to published NASA US temperature data since 1999.

NASA is hiding the decline the Arctic. The animation below shows recent changes to NASA published Iceland temperatures

The EU is faking the rise in sea level rise rates. The graph below shows recent changes to the published Envisat sea level graphs.

NASA is constantly altering data to create the appearance of warming. This shows changes to global temperatures in just the past two years.


These changes go on year after year. Always making the past cooler and the present warmer. The animations below show successive changes to NASA published US temperatures.



They are hiding the decline Texas. The…

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Global Temperature Update – Still no global warming for 17 years 10 months

Now 17 years and 10 months with zero warming globally….

Watts Up With That?

clip_image002_thumb.pngEl Niño has not yet shortened the Great Pause

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

Remarkably, the El Niño warming of this year has not yet shortened the Great Pause, which, like last month, stands at 17 years 10 months with no global warming at all.

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I found the global temperature thermostat.

That article last week, the one where Peter Hannam, Australia’s biggest alarmist journo said the warming trend was now underway and winter is over, well I found the key to it.

The article linked Sydney’s dry and warm July to greenhouse gases.

Because, you know, Sydney must run the global temperature.

So whilst Southern Australia froze its ball off in July, I have circled the part of Australia that both Peter and Weatherzone’s Brett Dunske were talking about.




Apparently that little red circle is so important that it over rides everything else that happened in July globally.

You couldn’t make this stuff up.

Not forgetting of course the Bureau of Manipulation use a 1961-1990 baseline, because it was partly the cold PDO.

And then keep adjusting the temps for those decades ad nauseoum to make it look like its warming.


Winter is over.

Don’t take it from me, read the article yourself.

The worst of the winter is likely to be over, with the outlook pointing to warmer and drier than normal weather over coming months, conditions that may set up another early fire season.
For Sydney, the last week of July is set to be its warmest for the month, with all days but Sunday forecast to reach 20 degrees or above, setting up yet another heat record for the city.
Most of the country’s south-east can expect mild conditions for the rest of July, said Brett Dutschke, senior meteorologist with Weatherzone. “It looks like all of winter’s strong cold fronts could be confined to July.”

How exactly did Brett become a qualified meteorologist?

This weeks forecast indicates winter is indeed just getting started.


95% of Climate Models Agree: The Observations Must be Wrong

Great insight into how poor climate models are, and how you, yes you, are losing money because of it.

Watts Up With That?

Note: This is a repost from Dr. Roy Spencer’s blog entry last Friday. I’ve done so because it needs the wide distribution that WUWT can offer. The one graph he has produced (see below) says it all. I suggest readers use their social media tools to share this far and wide. – Anthony

by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.

I’m seeing a lot of wrangling over the recent (15+ year) pause in global average warming…when did it start, is it a full pause, shouldn’t we be taking the longer view, etc.

These are all interesting exercises, but they miss the most important point: the climate models that governments base policy decisions on have failed miserably.

I’ve updated our comparison of 90 climate models versus observations for global average surface temperatures through 2013, and we still see that >95% of the models have over-forecast the warming trend since 1979, whether…

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